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John Michaelson

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A selection of works by John Michaelson

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Ref Title Author
Po-4132 dadzweekend Jan Miklaszewicz
LB-4136 love at last Jan Miklaszewicz
Po-6389 Feeling, sorry John Michaelson
Po-1892 You're gone. Jan Miklaszewicz
Po-2271 Mean morning. Jan Miklaszewicz
Po-4529 the promise Jan Miklaszewicz
SS-2282 The Thanatos Consultation: part 1. Jan Miklaszewicz
Po-6412 Oh Blighty John Michaelson
SS-6417 One-way street John Michaelson
SS-6418 Eat, mister John Michaelson
SS-6801 BACKGAMMON John Michaelson
Po-1933 Bust up. Jan Miklaszewicz
Po-2687 Who won the war? Jan Miklaszewicz
Po-2313 Crap father. Jan Miklaszewicz
SS-6063 Uncle Nick [end] John Michaelson
Po-6077 Disconnected. John Michaelson
SS-5328 Azrael and Eleanor Bird heart
Po-5333 ah git ti ask zoomonkie
FC-7210 The Muirlocks - chapter one John Michaelson
Po-2336 I said nothing. Jan Miklaszewicz
SS-2337 The Thanatos Consultation: part 4. Jan Miklaszewicz
SS-2340 The Thanatos Consultation: end. Jan Miklaszewicz
Po-1967 The Butcher's Arms. Jan Miklaszewicz
Po-6842 Look now. John Michaelson
SS-6843 Barry John Michaelson

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Po = poetry, P = plots (i.e. sound-bites of current plots), WW = words of wisdom,  etc.

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