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Pop Song
by Ian Finch

This is a thread where members can write a song together..

Title: First Lines
Author: MG Ltd

never been one to say
I needed you to anyone
but tonight will you hear my plea?

Title: chorus
Author: Jim

'cause you're the one who knows me
you're the one who cares
say you will be there
there's no need to be scared
this love's for evermore

Title: New verse begins
Author: Shelley Jacobs

Do you feel it too Babe?
Do my words ring true Babe?
Do you want to be, forever, with me?

Title: Continues
Author: Matthew

Will you stay with me?
Because I need you now.
Will you lay with me?
How I need you now.
Please hear my plea.
Please stay with me.

Title: outro
Author: Simon

this love's forever
this love's forever
this love's forever

Title: last bit..
Author: Ian Finch

...........ooooooo.... ooo..

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