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Welcome Team Dragons
by Laura Watson

"Can't you do anything right!" screamed Mona.

"Mona! stop, well...moaning" Stevie yelled from the other side of the room.

"Is that an order!" Mona cried storming through the crowd of people as they decorated the gym for the big prom night, which was going to take place in 10 minutes. Everyone was rushing around doing their own special jobs for the big party. Me and Stevie were making the 'Welcome Team Dragons'! (which is the name of the school football team.) Mona grabbed me and Stevie's banner we had painted, which actually took two hours painting and ripped it up piece by piece.

"Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!" I cried and dived for the banner but it was too late. The banner was already destroyed. Mona ran off laughing. Tears streamed down my eyes as I picked up a piece of ripped paper which showed the letter D. D for Destroyed. D for Demolished. D for Demon!


you must finish off the story by either getting back at Mona or finding a replacement banner before the party starts!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Title: Dismayed
Author: Katy Michael

"I wonder what her problem is?"  I thought, dismayed, What has she got against the team? Why doesn't she want us to welcome them?  It was all a bit of a mystery. Maybe the best thing to do was to ask her about it. It was a really horrid thing she had done, and there must be some reason behind it.

Title: The new banner
Author: Laura Watson

"It's ruined!" Stevie sniffed. He was just as hurt as I was. "If only i didn't argue back. i should of known she'd do something like that!"

"We've gotta get back in the race!" i exclaimed picking myself up and brushing the dirt off with my hand.

"Huh?" He muttered.

"We just have to make a new banner thats all!" i said answering all his questions.

"But it took two hours making that! it was perfect. And anyway Mona will just rip it up again!" he cried.

"It doesn't have to be made out of paper you know!" I said sarcastically

"Well what do we make it out of genius!" he argued back following me around the room.

"Wood" I answered.

"Where will get wood from????" Stevie gasped in shock from my suggestion.

I looked slyly across the room at Mona's cake stall. A yellow light seemed to glow on the piece of long golden wood holding up the whole stall. It was made to be be a sparkly glittery sign rather than an old rotting stall.

"I'll get some" I assured him.

You must get the wood before any one notices and quickly finish the sign before Mona realises!!!!!!!

Title: Pole Vault
Author: Damak Wallace

Enter moi!  Jonno ; Stevie's mate. Overhearing the conversation, I became Action Man. (Well anything to impress), and I jumped over to Monas' and whipped the pole away in a flash. Luckily the stall was still standing afterwards, and no scrumptious cakes were squashed in the process. I love sticky buns, so I'd have felt bad if they'd taken a hit.  How come the stall didn't collapse? Tension, I guess.

Then a quick sprint back to the others with my contribution. Offered to help paint it too. Why am I being so nice?

Title: Mona and Jonno
Author: Jessie Lyons

Well of course Jonno was being nice because he had a thing for Mona. Not that he would tell her of course. He just hoped that she liked him too, and then perhaps they could start seeing each other. Jonno had an idea that he might ask Mona to come with him to the tea rooms in their village. That way he could eat some cake, without feeling guilty, and talk to Mona as well. She looked as if she needed a break. That explains why she was moaning so much.

Title: Have your cake and eat it
Author: Connie Jenner - USA

Jonno plucked up the courage and asked Mona if she would like to go for a coffee with him. Mona jumped at it.
With a nice Hot Chocolate in one hand and a big piece of cake in the other Mona chilled out and became a real Sweetie.

What was with all the angst Mrs Dragon? Jonno teased, smiling.
Mona said that it was all about team spirit.
Jonno answered that he was definitely on her side whichever side it was, and that pleased Mona big time.

Welcome to MY team, she drooled, why not skip the other party and have our own?
Wicked idea, Jonno nodded. So the two of them just just kicked around chatting for the rest of the day, and it was real cool.

Ah Uh, not enough for you? O.K.  - they said goodnight with a kiss more tasty  than any cake, and I kinda get the feeling they'll be seeing each other again.

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