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Synthetic Illusions
by Danielle Boyle

A tale of a Vampiress and a Vampire Hunter/Slayer and their strange relationship.

The Vampiress is seductive and mysterious. She never gives too much away. She uses her beauty to lure her victims into her Lair, where she feeds on them. She has many henchmen whom worship her as if sher were a Goddess.

The Vampire Hunter has mixed emotions about her. On one hand he is somewhat intrigued by her. Infatuated, almost. On the other, he despies her. She is his nemisis. She repulses him yet attracts him at the same time.

Both betrayed by their kind, they are driven closer together. They become a team and work together to fight the mythical scum of the Earth.

The tale starts off  on a cold December night. The Vampiress on one of her usual feeding nights with her comrades. Little does she know that the The Vampire Hunter is close on her tail...

Title: Dining Out
Author: Eleanor Robbins

A nice meal out for me I think.
Fresh throbbing veins, with blood to drink.
Come on young man, I'm dressed to kill
You may dine with me if you will.

Title: First Course
Author: Kelly Sweet

At the diner, by the river,
girls prepare to make men shiver.
Sexy attire, red lips and nails.
Devouring platters of fresh snails.

Title: The Menu
Author: Carolyn Peters

Chorkles accompany their lite bite
with choice of  their main course in sight. 
"He looks tasty, perhaps too lean?"
"Him, over there, seems very keen!"

Title: Moving in.
Author: Jan Miklaszewicz

He does indeed (and not too old

or young or thin or fat or bold).

They deftly gather round their meal;

his neck to pierce; his blood to steal.

Title: High Stakes
Author: Jason Minty

On such a cold December night,
juicy rare steak would taste just right.
Having chosen their dinner date,
how could they lure him to his fate?

Title: Drooling fool.
Author: Jan Miklaszewicz

Show the fool a flash of leg,

make him drool and make him beg.

Prime the pan and wad the bullet,

sink your teeth into his gullet.

Title: Undressed for Dinner
Author: Kelly Sweet

Their seduction routine worked well.
They soon had him under their spell.
Arm linked with arm, he walked their way,
Into the night of disarray

Title: Only One Helping
Author: Geraldine Harper

Too soon, our vampiress threw rank,
and cast her friend aside with thanks.
"He will be mine, and mine alone."
The others left her, with a groan.

Title: Hades' whore.
Author: Jan Miklaszewicz

Yet dining solo proves a bore:

a plaintive life as Hades' whore.

A mate to share this steaming feast

would put the sugar to the yeast.

Title: Self Sacrifice
Author: Malcolm Rivers

"She's mine, all mine", her suitor cried.
He had, long sougt her for his bride.
Tonight, she may drink of my blood,
to seal our bond ; I knew we would.

Title: Once Bitten
Author: Peter Philips

"Come on, my dear Goddess, tuck in.
Why not start here, below my chin?
Then we can relish face to face
Perhaps, then too, my lips you''ll taste?"

Title: On a plate
Author: Ginger

The vampiress felt off colour
Easy food, what could be duller?
'You, young man, are not as you seem.
I like my meal to whine and scream."

Title: Thirsty
Author: Bernie Pointer

"Come on, my love", he wildly cried.
"Let us be true; no need to hide".
"You need my blood, as I do yours.
Come, enjoy forbidden  flavours."

Title: Realisation
Author: Jen Hazelton (aged 13). Daughter of Hugh Hazelton (aged 53).

No, she wouldn't;  why was she doing this?

Then he went in for the kiss,

She tried to make him fight and scream,

Until she realised she was his Queen.

Title: New Menu
Author: Girls Talk

And so, at once, they understood
Team work for vampires gets the goods
They conjured up an evil scheme
for platters meeting all their dreams

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