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Oceans Away
by Geraldine Harper

This plot is for a co-written poem about the sea.
It would be nice to flow with the tides. I don't know. Anything goes really. Thank you to Lloyd Williams for his help and inspiration.

Title: Lofty
Author: Geraldine Harper


Lofty, the sea today, as it laps around my feet.
What am I doing here,
on this cold May afternoon?
I missed the sun last week.
when I could have paddled in bare feet
But here I am in my coat and wellington boots
Not the weather for bathing suits.
But it really doesn't matter
I prefer to miss the latter.
The beach is deserted.
The breeze alert
Just a lofty sea,
salty spray
and similarly lofty me,
in perfect harmony.

Title: The Sea
Author: Lloyd Williams

I stare at the sea and lose the world
And everything in it
Including you.
It stops for nothing, not time
Nor money, nor love.
It’s infinite grey consumes my mind
And I feel at peace for just a moment
Just one moment.
And when that moment ends the sea remains
At one with all it touches, at one with all
And I long to be a part of it, be one with it
Be held by it
And as I plunge into the icy surf I see you
Taken so long ago, taken so far away
But not so far as to escape the sea
And nor will I as it pulls me down
Takes me to it’s heart
To be a part of it, be one with it
The sea.

Title: Spirit of the Sea
Author: Kelly Sweet

To me, the sea is alive.
Not just the life within the sea
but the sea itself.
It roars and rages with temper
or frolics and plays with glee
So many different colours
So many different sprees.

To me, the sea is alive.
Not just the life lived on the sea
but the sea itself.
Schizophrenia rules
Some days kind and gentle
Some days murderously cruel.

To me the sea is alive.
This means we should be wary.
Life is unpredictable
and the sea is down right scary.

Title: On the Sea: The Mayflower
Author: Viannah Duncan

The seas, a deep blue
The clouds a filmy white
The wind is whistling now
In which the sails do take flight

A storm's abroad, someone yells
Just as the storm bells tell their tale
The wind's not whistling anymore
It starts now a low-pitched wail

Lower the sails, the captain cries
And the sails get lowered down
The ship begins to creak
All salty and musty and brown

The rain is falling now
Like crystals, genuine and clear
Women scurry around the deck
All bundled up in fear

Thunder and lightning
And crying children and babies
Many prayers, it'll-be-all-rights
Suggestions, questions and hopeful maybes

The ship is now tipping
And not-so-gentle rocking
Many soon begin to ask
Has Death now come a-knocking?

The waves crash upon the deck
Women and children all safely below
Above only are the men
How long this will last, only God knows

But soon the waves
Will now subside
And the end of the great storm
Has now neighed

The rain slows quietly now
And it even slower ends
And now, eventually
Breezes are made from winds

The Mayflower survived
The sea's windy gales
And soon the captain will say
The sails, boys, hoist the sails!

Title: Meditation
Author: Malcolm Rivers

Sea, sea, sea, sea.
I need to be with you.
To hear your roar, to taste your spit
To find a sheltered dune and sit
and simply watch in wonder
As you waves crash then melt away
topped by a silver sun streaked haze
There’s nowhere else that I
can float into a soporific daze
and my eyes glaze
to almost match your colour.
Sea, bigger, fuller, sea.

Title: On the sandy beach
Author: Ferdinand Salvador

I stood on the sandy beach

and let the ocean waves

break and roll come sliding on

the golden sand and

as they tickled

the soles of my feet

I thought beneath

me the earth was moving

and yet the world was still

time seemed frozen

taking me back to memories of you

and it seemed I had you beside me

still holding my hand …

I was living quite tangible

the past evoked into reality

within my mind

and the fourth dimension

in this fringe of the ocean

was measured

not by a ticking clock

but by love and happiness

so vast, so abundant

I keep this now

stored within me …

This bliss as vast

as vast as the ocean.

Title: Spa Treatment
Author: Geraldine Harper


Just a paddle, that's all it took
Bare feet cushioned by sand and shuck
Lapping water, soft and gentle
Waves caressing, sentimental.

Just five minutes with my sea
Only immersed up to my knees
For all my cares to wash away
A salt ocean spa with hot sun rays.

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