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People and Places
by writebuzz Admin

Do you associate certain people with specific places?

Work/colleagues and school/friends are two obvious people/place associations but of course you will have many more.

Write a poem about your people/place associations, and submit it here.

This plot is open to members and non members.

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Title: The buzz pad
Author: writebuzz

writebuzz is a virtual space
where writers can 'give it a shot'
It's open twenty four/seven
and their team are a hard-working lot!

Title: Tokyo Micro Hotel.
Author: jonny graham

This hotel room is bloomin' small,
mind you the average man here needs no space at all.
It's like sleeping in a perspex coffin,
invented by some Joe 90 boffin.
Crammed together like rats, or gophers,
Look out world, I'm turning over !

Title: A Clinical arrangement
Author: jonny graham

She was just a crazy mixed up kid.
He regretted what he never did.
They met at the clinic
during furtive assignations.
They had so much in common,
like their sex change operations !

Title: The Last Resort.
Author: jonny graham

She just upped sticks and went on vacation.
On impulse, without due deliberation.
And then after 3 days, no word of a lie,
she sent her psychotherapist a post card :
'Having a wonderful time...why ?'

Title: New-Age Tyre Change.
Author: jonny graham

Don't take your car to the new-age garage,
they employ alternative auto mechanics.
The service you get is really dire,
they use acupuncture to repair your tyres !

Title: The Grocery Store
Author: Karen Burris

The grocery store is a dreaded place
neccessary though I must say
I stand there trying to remember
where I left my list today

Title: Church
Author: Karen Burris

My church is just a building
like many you have seen
within it's walls are smiles
just waiting to gleam

Title: Fading man
Author: L.L.C.

He was blending with the wall paper

Beige from the top of his hat to the tip of his toes

I was waiting, staring at the monochrome stranger

Dreaming of… invisible heroes

Title: The Hub
Author: Connie Preston

We haven't got an office each
apparently a pen will do.
No wonder that we grunt a bit
I mean really wouldn't you?

When we need to have a meeting
They call us to The Hub
It's got a laminated floor and bean-bags
Not dissimilar to a night-club.

A white-board drops down fron the ceiling
and a projector comes up from the floor
Might seem impressive first time it's used
But after, it becomes just a bore.

They say that this is a modern workshop
Well that sounds a good excuse
They email us when they want us to speak
And the rest of time we're confined to our booths.

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