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Source: Adults

Author: Maggie Huscroft



I am the dust of deserts
The mud of rivers
I am molten magma,
I am volcanic rock
I am chalk-white cliffs,
I am red clay, black loam
And the yellow sand
Of endless sea shores.

I am the hillside
And the plain
I am fertile, nurturing.
I am mother.
I am rich with treasures,
Diamond and gold.
I have dark secrets within,
Black hearted oil.

I am poisoned, abused,
Starved and raped.
I am murdered.
I am Earth.


I am the gentle breeze
That caresses your cheek,
That cools your brow.
I am capricious, playful.
I swirl dust, lift skirts
Steal hats, ruffle hair.
I am in the sound of a saxophone,
The swish of a curtain,
The sudden slam of a door.

I am a dust devil,
A whirlwind.
I work mills, fill sails.
I am strong.
I powered an armada.

I am a storm, a hurricane.
I whip up seas,
Up-root trees,
Lift roofs, smash houses.
I howl down chimneys.
I whistle in wires.
I sing your song.
I am your very breath.
I am your element.
I am air.


I am the candle flame,
The welcome light of home.
I am the flicker in the hearth.
The flaming fire, the roaring log.
I am succour, comfort, warmth.
I am the heat of the sun.
I germinate seeds, nourish plants
And bring the harvest to fruition.

I turn rivers to dust,
Farms to deserts,
Forest to wasteland.
I scorch the earth.
I scorn its thirst.
I torch the crops.
I am remorseless,
Ruthless, pure.
I am the great destroyer
I am fire


I am the trickle
That wears the stone.
The spring gushing forth;
The flowing stream.

I am the torrent
That turns the turbines.
I am the river in flood.
The tidal wave
I am the sea
That pounds
The rocks to sand.
Breakers that crash
And consume
The land.

I am the dark,
Deep green pond
Where shadows swirl
And secrets sink
To unseen depths
I am scalding steam
I powered an empire
Turned massive machines
Ships and trains

I am ice, cold and hard
I am snow, deathly soft
I am mist shrouding hills
I am in your breath,
Your blood, your heart.
I am water

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