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Source: Adults

Author: Jan Miklaszewicz

Title: The Thanatos Consultation: end.

How are we going to get enough staff to carry out the procedure? Whoever's in on it will need to be completely trustworthy and that's not easy, said Blah.

Probably the most intelligent thing you've said all day, the Doctor said. Perhaps the only intelligent thing you've said. He stood, walked slowly to where Blah was sitting, and placed icy hands on his shoulders. Excuse us please, he said to the rest of the room. I need a minute alone with your man here.

When the others had filed out to wait impatiently in the reception, Thanatos, still gripping Blah's shoulders, began a harsh whisper. First off, you've got to believe in it. How do you expect to convince anyone else if you're only lukewarm? You need strength of conviction my friend. You need spirit and to be frank you've got me worried. You brought me here to advise you, you've already approved a program of systematic poisoning, and yet you waver like a fucking bitch at the thought of genocide? What's the fucking matter? My plan too active for you?

Blah, thankful that he could not see the Doctor's face, apologised. Just nerves. He really did want to make a difference during his premiership.

Vanity, Thanatos thought gleefully. I fucking love it. The rest is horses for courses. Everyone's got their trigger: money, depravity, fear. You've just got to know how to tap into it. I find fear the most reliable. Don't let it be a burden: you work it from your end and I'll pull a few strings from mine.

When the group had reassembled around the table, Thanatos asked for any more questions.

Well, said Kimble. I suppose we all want to know how long all this is going to take. Before it has a marked effect, that is.

My maths is no better than yours, he sighed. The implementation time very much depends upon your competence: the sooner you get them all neutered, the sooner you will have material results. No more children genetically predisposed to idleness, no way for their fucking won't be parents to perpetuate themselves. Just stop for a moment to consider the possibilities.

They stopped for a moment to consider the possibilities.

School attendances in deprived areas will begin dying out within five years, Collie gushed.

Fewer benefits to pay out, said Broon approvingly. A downward sliding scale.

But if we get rid of all the unemployed, we'll have no reserve workf…, Johansen chipped in.

Thanatos cut him off vehemently. That's statecraft, he spat. That's years down the line. If there's any problem, just import niggers like you did in the fifties. He couldn't have them actually thinking about this. Next they'd be wondering what to do with all the newly unemployed teachers.

I have a question, said Broon, about your fee.

Ah, yes. My fee. Go ahead.

How exactly will you go about extracting our souls? Is it a lump sum arrangement, or can we implement a loan and buy back scheme at a fixed rate of interest?

Souls? He said incredulously. What the fuck would I want with your souls? There's not enough substance in this room to fill a fucking vol au vent.

Thanatos slipped from the boardroom with a smile of quiet contentment. He had secured what he had come for: six firm and morally binding promises. They had nearly bitten his hand off when they realised they wouldn't be heading for the belly of the beast. When told that their promises wouldn't involve the loaning of money they were more eager still. The elevator doors closed like a pair of steel curtains. The promises people make when they're drunk on ambition, he mused, seem far graver when they eventually sober up. The elevator began its descent, and did not stop when it reached the basement.

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