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Source: Adults

Author: Neil Marsden


My pace deliberately slows as I approach the cliff.
So soon your rumbling music will caress my ears.
And wave after growling wave will roll to greet me,
Like some fast approaching storm.
My constant and ever faithful friend, I said I would return.

I taste you then, the salt, the weed, the distant places,
Blown in and carried softly beneath this harvest moon.
The smell of wet rock in all it's infinate sizes and disguises,
Invading and pervading my senses,
As I eagerly drink you in.

Intoxicated now I am transfixed, I could not, would not turn my back.
For you have truly captivated me again.
Selfish, Greedy, Glutonous, Inspired,
Here is my moment, for the taking when I like.
This is not indulgence, I want to be the Sea.

The gathering orchestra drives me on, into the labyrinth of you.
To where the last few expectant steps will carry me,
Onto your soft and comforting beach of glass.
It is there and then that I will meekly raise my head.
To humbly bear witness to your awesome power.

I pause a while beguiled by you,
Then trembling fingers slowly peel the cotton from my back.
And panicked, racing hands unlace the shoes that stand between,
The moment and the man.
Naked now I am before you, both to natures liking and intent.

Pull back your bow, release the spike,
And gently draw me in.
I enter in submission, until the salts seal every pore.
Take me out, take me down, take me under,
Bleach me clean in your beautiful foam.

Both turn our backs to the fading shore-line,
And strike out for the oceans heart.
Recall then forget the false promise of tera-firma,
Take one last breath and roll face down,
One long awaited drowning kiss.................I am the sea.

Neil Marsden.

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