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Source: Adults

Author: Stuart Johnson

Title: Disentanglement

“ Please don’t say that. “
“ Say what, Michael? “
“ Do not insult my intelligence with the I didn’t know pretence. You’ve always known how I felt about you. “
“ Where is this coming from? “ Rebecca poured herself an orange juice, and whisked the dark hair away from her eyes as she curled herself up on the sofa. “ Michael…you and me…we’re friends yeah? I mean, good friends right? “
She didn’t need this kind of potentially melodramatic conversation with a man. Certainly not at eight in the morning when she was more concerned about going to work.
Michael remained silent..
“ Okay, “ she conceded, “ Yeah, I had an idea you had a soft spot for me…”
“ A soft spot? “ Michael was incredulous.
“ But what can I do? I’ve never seen us that way, I’m sorry. You’re a lovely bloke, but…“

There was nothing shattering about Rebecca’s words. He’d realized for sometime that these feelings, these crippling emotions were his, and his alone.
“ Got what you needed out of the situation though didn’t you? “ He pursed his lips in grim appraisal.
“ What do you mean? “
“ Good old Michael eh? Good old Michael will take me down the club and pay for me to get in. Good old Michael will buy my drinks for me, and listen to my troubles. How could he refuse…”
“ No, that’s not true… “
“ And by the way, I know that money I lent you was spent on cocaine. Every fifteen minutes disappearing to the toilets…”
Rebecca snapped and slammed her glass down on the coffee table.
“ Okay if you want the truth, here’s the truth! Yes I played you for the pathetic thing that you are. You’re too easy, too convenient and too… too nice! For gods sake what’s wrong with you! Dance with somebody else now and again, find somebody else to fall in love with. “
“ You don’t understand. “ Michael said quietly.
“ What don’t I understand? “
“ It really doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve been so tangled up in you, everything about you, but now I’m going to disentangle myself and you’re about to realise. “
“ Realise what Michael? Bloody hell, just move on will you. Be a man about it. “
“ Oh don’t worry babe, I’m about to do something that’s gonna rock your world. The kind of exciting act you thought I wasn’t up to. “
“ What are you talking about? “
Michael stood calmly for a moment on the ledge of his twelfth floor apartment, staring downwards.
“ Well…It might rock your world….either that, or it’ll leave you searching for absolution. “ He swiped a tear from his cheek with his sleeve. “ But for me…release, amnesty, disentanglement. “
“ Michael, what are you babbling about. “
“ Goodbye gorgeous. “ He carefully placed his phone down on the ledge.

“ Michael?......Michael, what are you doing?..............Michael?

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