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Source: Adults

Author: jonny graham

Title: Nukes II .

Official Barrier Project Communique .

In which mind expansion is explained , life after death is verified, and a Barrier exploration group return from the death-zone .

Communication number 6,435,782 >> Epsilon 12 SM .

The drums are beating relentlessly in Americana tonight , the Kalahari bushmen are in town , at the behest of the Echelon , and the clones will maintain the rhythm until the bushmen return to Pangea . There will be feasting , and much discussion in that clicking language that only the Echelon and the bushmen can understand .
Apart from the clones , the bushmen are the only Nukes who do not recieve mind expansion at birth . This is not because the Echelon want to limit their capabilities , as with the clones , but because it is simply not required . The Kalahari bushmen are capable of natural mind expansion and do not require the 70 % procedure that everyone else recieves.
There is no difference at all between the Homo-Sapien brain from thousands of years ago and the brain of Homo-Nucleoid in the twenty seventh millenium .
They both look exactly the same , and they both work in the same way , that is 30 % is active and the rest is dormant . However , Nukes recieve an implant , deep in the cortex , immediately after birth . The dormant 70 % is stimulated into activity and gives all Nukes and Echelon cerebral powers beyond your wildest dreams .
We are capable of many things , some of which we are yet to fully understand .
Mind expansion is a wonderful thing . You people in the twenty first century only have inklings about extra-sensory perception , intuition , insight , and that thing you refer to as the sixth-sense . You ruminate about religion and life after death , you know there is something there but can't quite put your finger on it .
Here in the twenty seventh millenium we have all the answers , and more .

Religion is a waste of time , there are no gods . It's all just wishfull thinking and forlorn hope . But there is life after death , on the other side of the Barrier , in the death-zone .

By dint of fate , planet Earth just happens to be the starting place for a very complex chain of events that relate to all life forms , past and present , that ever lived . We are , if you like , the first rung on the ladder .
The formation of life on Earth is the first stage of a very long journey . The energy generated by life does not fade when the body expires , it moves on through the Barrier, to the next stage . You can call it a soul , a spirit . We refer to it as Life Force . This energy has to move on , by natural forces , to the next stage. It cannot return physically to a previous stage and neither can it leap forward several stages.
If we could find a way to overcome these natural forces , and control them , then we would have the key to the door of physical time travel .
I can communicate through time , very easily , by bouncing signals off the Barrier .
And I can do it with a great deal of accuracy , finding the same people time after time . Trouble is , you guys are so sceptical about stuff like that that you just dismiss it off-hand . You really had no idea what you were doing when you invented the internet , and unfortunately , you never will . You will never realise it's full potential . Well , not untill you discover the existance of the Barrier . And by then it will be too late anyway . Victims of your own contempt by all accounts .

There is no shortage of volunteers for Barrier exploration , even though no one has ever returned from the other side of the Barrier . Well not untill the remarkable and unprecedented events of last Wednesday evening anyway .
Exploration groups typically consist of one Echelon or one honourable Nuke with three clone assistants . They are brought to the Barrier project centre in Polaris for preparation .
The group leader has the cortex implant removed from the brain , and then all four group members are taken , by medical means , to the brink of death . They are then placed in a phasmic spinner that removes the life force from the body . Once this happens there is only one place that the life force can go , and that is through the Barrier into the death-zone . The material body is kept alive and functioning by artificial means , what you would perhaps refer to as life support systems .
To all intents and purposes they are dead .
There are tens of thousands of these volunteers , dating back hundreds of years , all in suspended animation , stored at the Polaris medical facility . Just waiting for the life force to return from the dead-zone . We watch , and we wait , and we hope .
No life force has ever returned from the dead-zone . Not , that is , until last Wednesday evening , as I said .
Twenty years ago , a member of the Echelon by the name of Abramalin , entered the dead-zone with three clones . They had been in suspended animation ever since . Their exploration group was known as Cobalt 9 .
For centurys , thousands of these volunteers had lain dormant with never so much as a twitch.
Then , at 20:18 p.m. that evening last week , the members of Cobalt 9 started to show signs of independant life on the monitoring systems . By the time the medical assistants arrived , all four were wide awake and very much alive again , if not a little confused and disorientated .
They were quickly taken away , amidst much excitement and speculation .
Abramalin was heard to remark that the death-zone is populated by , amongst other things , Kalahari bushmen , who seem able to come and go as they please .
The three clone members of Cobalt 9 were speaking in that clicking language that the bushmen use , which is quite unprecedented .
That is why the bushmen were summoned by the Echelon to Americana .
Something is going on .
The Echelon will let us know in their own good time , just like they allways do .

I shall be in contact again soon .

Epsilon 12 SM out .

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