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Source: Adults

Author: jonny graham

Title: Squawk .

Three lines free .
Call now .
Express your point of view .
Doesn't matter what you say .
I'll manipulate the content .
Turn it back on you .
Talkshow host
in confrontation .
Radio in your face .
Prepare to argue .

No mercy .
For six time losers
and first time callers .
Slick delivery ,
dealt spine shivery .
the etiquette of order .
And if you get too smart ,
want to win the toss .
Back me in a corner .
Fade you out .
Cut you off .

Billy boy is on line nine ,
tuning in from Bristol .
Wants to have a go
about my stance on the welfare state .
You what ?
I'm a moron am I ?
And what about you ?
You bleeding hearted liberal !

You've had your say .
Now let me have mine .
Hear me out .
And don't forget .
We control the switches
at the head end of the line .
How rude can one woman be , huh ?
Did you hear her ?
Talking over me !
Ranting on about taxation .
Rich bitch .
Listen love ,
theres nothing left that's free !

Lets move on ,
call me now .
Call me what you want .
Just remember ,
it's my show .
I'm allways right .
You're the one
who's wrong .
Let's go to Katie ,
for the midday news .
Then I'll be right back.
To browbeat
more misguided fools .

We want to hear from anyone
who's had their bank accounts
recently frozen .
We were trying to get
the boss of TNT on live ,
but his identity's been stolen .
Lost the disks.
Lost his job .
That'll be the dole then .

The lines are in melt down .
Because I mentioned
controlled immigration .
If you don't like it ,
shut up and ship out .
Otherwise ,
talk to me ,
about political asylum ,
by way of mitigation .
And yes we are full ,
but welcome anyway ,
to this land of toleration .
Find yourself a place
in this diluted nation .

Sometimes I don't know why I bother , huh !
That bloke was an idiot .
Did you hear him ?
Advising me
on how to broadcast .
Listen pal ,
if your still on the dial .
When I want tips ,
I'll ask !

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