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Source: Adults

Author: jonny graham

Title: This is Chicken Town Once Again .

All the shops are boarded up ,
everywhere is fuckin' shut .
Who you lookin' at ?
You fuckin' slut !
You're so spineless ,
you don't even call my fuckin' name .
Everything looks so grey ,
so just-the-fuckin' same .
This is obviously Chicken Town ,
once-a-fuckin'-gain .

The pubs and bars are due to open ,
men stand on corners fuckin' hoping .
Stood around so idle ,
fuckin' chatting , fuckin' smoking .
Tipping the balance of moral decency,
fuckin' laughing , fuckin' joking .
Long term benefit fraudsters ,
with their two fingers fuckin' poking.

These are experienced system cheaters ,
worse than fuckin' sympathy seekers .
Blatently letting the world know ,
they are social structure's fuckin' beaters .
Barking out strings of expletives ,
turning up their fuckin' heaters .
All alone in Chicken Town ,
no one hear to fuckin' meet us .

The pop-up toasters don't even work ,
the fuckin' bread don't fuckin' jerk .
The only man who's busy ,
is the fuckin' compensation clerk .
Even the cats are fuckin' shagged ,
don't make me fuckin' gag !
Corned beef women lurk in doorways ,
all they do is fuckin' nag .
This is Chicken Town once again ,
and it's really fuckin' sad .

Community service workers scrub ,
grafitti sprayed on the Town Hall .
Where a tandoori chicken puked ,
up and down the fuckin' wall .
They'd like to do a runner ,
but they haven't got the fuckin' balls .
And sullen teenage mothers waste ,
their fuckin' lives away ,
permanent fixtures every day ,
in the local shopping mall .

And all you get is leery attitude ,
from sneery fuckin' faces .
The government's the joker ,
the people hold the fuckin' aces .
So zonked out on home grown skunk ,
they don't know what fuckin' day it is .
Work ! Don't make me fuckin' laugh !
Don't take the fuckin' piss !
We fire malingering arrows ,
and just like the Korean archery team ,
we never fuckin' miss .

This is Chicken town once again ,
the drains are fuckin' blocked .
The entry signs are upside down ,
the exit routes are fuckin' locked .
It's too hot to sleep at night ,
the people bark like fuckin' dogs .
Nothing runs like clockwork ,
there are spanners in the fuckin' cogs .
Everyone is hopelessly lost ,
in an apathetic fuckin' fog .

The only club in town ,
is on the shut down list .
Where men with dirty fingernails ,
prop up the fuckin' bar ,
trying to get pissed ,
amongst the head lice infested odour ,
of Old Spice , Brut , and Body Mist .
And lovers die of boredom ,
each time they fuckin' kiss .
And the only ecstasy the DJ knows ,
is a quick one off the fuckin' wrist .

All the clocks are fuckin' wrong .
All the days are far too fuckin' long .
Nothing to do but fuckin' moan .
Might as well stay at fuckin' home .
The houses are all overrun with rats ,
you're never a-fuckin'-lone .
Your fuckin' lost and fuckin' found ,
Oi you ! ... keep the fuckin' racket down !
Everyone is lost and never found ,
going round and fuckin' round .
The taps have all run dry ,
can't even fuckin' drown .
It gets you fuckin' down .
Once again in Chicken Town .

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