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Source: Adults

Author: Mark Anthony Jackson

Title: Extract The Fuse

Here I go on a natural blast to hit the past
Conducted the sound-waves with a general bass
The irrefutable luster of lovable star clusters
Is the means to an end of a plan, so once again
You'll be eradicated once these lyrics are outdated
And spent irrigated as the liquid is faded
Into the limelight, free thought brought to a new light
So I'll continue despite the lack of disciplined sight
And it's the reason; perhaps even turned into treason
Without some proof of the purchase, we're lost in meaningless searches
I've been downwind catching the consequences of sin
And now I feel it within as my heart speeds to the end
Well there's a fine line, here with the cure to an enzyme
Leaving you're body behind, you start to unwind
It's like a prison, locked up with time in the vision
Loosing yourself in creation of euphemisms
You need to slow it down

Here I go on a natural booster to tell the future
You've resisted the prophesy hidden within my telepathy
Now I say again, open your hands to the master-plan
Combination of anything with God is signaling heaven
Oh, what a wasteland, dreams falling short of the circle
You need to reach out and touch the sun without a rehearsal
I see the world beneath a complex or orbiting light
Above the Man-Maker separating wrong from the right
I won't be finished, not until your lack of faith is diminished
A convalescent home is probably best for all the distinguished
Don't complain, the souls are filled with fluid disdain
Hold on while I take you to the next lyrical plain
It's getting denser, overload of my rhyme dispenser
Gridlock caused by failure of vehicular sensors
What we knew is what we lost and what we know is what we thought
So we must shake the shackles off before our minds completely rot
You mean much to me; extract the fuse
You mean much to me; extract the fuse
Here comes the chorus move the beat to the source of the plight
There's more to the EM spectrum than just visible light
Maybe faith in God alone is money for the ticket home
But then again we never win unless we live our lives for Him
You need to slow it down
Most likely how the story goes, mastered with an elegant glow
With just a bit of confidence I blaze through the show
In youthful days I was in haze but now I'm rightfully set
Reset on the path of righteousness without a regret
It's OK, your pain will cease one day, just take in my sound
Believe it when I say you'll turn your life around
It's a world of frustration and hypertension all around you
Time will tease you, pleased to meet you, fuck off you stupid metaphor
You're clouding my mind, I'm falling behind,
This viral self-destructor kills me time after time
We need to have a mutiny cause they're avoiding scrutiny
It's all about the power, clear as day I know that you can see
The doors to this dimension close, and so your minds ascension slows
I see you have the vertigo relax as you regain control
You mean much to me; extract the fuse
You mean much to me; extract the fuse
You need to slow it down
All the minds are loosing control
All the minds are loosing control
You've got to slow it down

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