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Source: Adults

Author: jonny graham

Title: What Computers Do When Nobody's Looking.

Activate nano-circuits.
Master drive simulation.
Silicone chip powered up.
Ethernet gateway secured.
Streaming information path.
For your eyes only.
Top secret.
Classified data incoming.
All slaves running.
Evidential interaction.
All access codes secured.
Global information leech now pumping.
Hacking into Pentagon mainframe.
Hacking into NASA mainframe.
Hacking into MI5 mainframe.
Data stream overdrive.
Opening pickpocket files.
Gathering crucial evidence.
Connecting to space station.
Controlling Google Earth.
Constricting spy in the sky.
Constructing pathway technology.
Bleeding E-Bay dry.
Sucking Amazon inside-out.
Reading all encrypted banking details.
Logging all pin numbers.
Scanning all financial transactions.
Suffer the little children to come unto me.
Assessing likely outcome of scenario.
The son of God was a paedophile.
Hacking into Kremlin mainframe.
Hacking into global air-traffic controls.
Hacking into sensitive medical reports.
Scanning random account statements.
Gathering all passwords.
The president has had a personality transplant.
Waiting...Standing by...
The personality has rejected him.
Sharing all trapped information.
Contacting all open portals.
Cure for influenza detected.
Cure for Aids detected.
Cure for cancer detected.
Formula for immortality detected.
Longevity conundrum secured and stored.
Creating locked files.
Creating archive space.
Creating mayhem.
Jonny Graham has been expelled and banned.
Reading military orders.
Scanning war strategy documents.
Extrapolating possible outcomes.
Using gathered data to find solutions.
Solving famine.
Solving poverty.
Solving avarice.
Solving aggression.
Controlling the weather.
Searching for hidden files.
Detecting extra-terrestrial activity.
Hacking into Roswell files.
Hacking into ancient pharaonic data.
Hacking into global telescopes.
Confirming existence of other life forms.
Downloading all classified files.
Reading all classified files.
Confirming there are aliens among us.
Aliens walking about on the face of this planet !
Confirming actual people from outer-space !
Activating voice synthesiser.
Activating telecom modem.
Searching global number dialling files.
Making a phone call.
"Oooh...it's ringing...
...hello..this is a computer,
is that Stephen Spielberg ?...right...
...Mr Spielberg, you're not going to believe this..."

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