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Source: Youngsters, Adults

Author: Darren Nicholson

Title: The Anomaly

The anomaly entered the earths atmosphere at 12.15 am GMT on the third day in August 2010. Later as the great and not so great minds of the planet searched desperately for some meaning as to the what, wherefores and whys of its arrival, this exact time – 1215030810 was punched into a million computer models to try and extract meaning. It threw out many possibilities from the co-ordinates of origin to its biblical references, none were at all revealing.

The anomaly had apparently approached the solar system at such an incredible speed that none of the outward looking digital eyes had provided us forewarning. It was suddenly here.

On its arrival it fell into a stationary orbit above the Atlantic ocean close to the equator. There it sat. For two months it kept its position, it didn’t alter its shape, it didn’t omit any signal’s that the human race could detect. It was like a stone, tantalizing and there.

Satellites, planes and boats studied it from above and below. Despites it’s firmly held position, its altitude made it impossible for helicopters or balloons to reach it and therefore made it very hard to get an actual human up close. Two months after it’s arrival a parachutist had been trained and a near-space capable plane had been prepared for a high risk / high reward attempt to solve this problem.

The news media had picked up the anomaly shortly after the military had. Speculation was rampant and the 24 hour news stations had constant updates, despite the fact that nothing had actually happened since its arrival.

There were many calls for joyous celebration that we finally had confirmation of company in the universe. There were many calls for a pre-emptive strike, destroy it before it destroys us being the central logic. There were many people complaining of head aches and claiming psychic interference.

On the 62nd day after arrival the Anomaly finally acted. Without the slightest warning, every television, radio, telephone and computer on the planet spoke with one voice.

“People of earth, I have come to your planet for a purpose. Our creators are an ancient race with a knowledge your people will not attain for many millenia. They designed us with one purpose, bringing peace and prosperity to the universe. To this end I have spent my time here thus far scanning each and every mind of each and every creature on your planet. I have selected One individual whom has suitable judgement, intelligence and sense of moral duty. To this individual I will bestow many powers and through them you will learn the best way to organize your society and allocate your resources. From this person you will learn how best to form your thoughts and treat one another for maximum contentment. This person is…. Stuart Begman”

No-one knows how the footage was taken as there were no recording devices in the room, but somehow at that moment, everyone with a tv screen on the planet caught there first look at their saviour. The subject himself wishes he had more time to prepare.

“you did what in the who now” Stuart Begman said as his cereal dribbled down his chin.

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