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Source: Adults

Author: Jody Curvey

Title: Fights in the Suburb (Part 8)

Frank shoots a bullet at the kitchen ceiling, then he points his gun at sarah. Paul looks at the knife on the floor then looks at frank. Frank moves away from paul, so he can't try to take the gun away from him, and he starts walking to sarah.

Mark starts slowly moving and screaming in pain. Paul has a concerned look on his face. He is happy that mark isn't dead, but don't know if he's going to die or not. Paul moves the knife toward his body with his right foot, and he makes sure frank doesn't see him. The female police officer is saying, hello and asking sarah questions on the cordless phone, but sarah is too scared to talk. She doesn't want to take a chance getting shot by frank.

Donna is looking at frank walking toward her and sarah. Paul quickly picks up the knife with his right hand, and holds it by his right side. "Put the phone down or I'll shoot you in the face!" Says Frank. Sarah puts the phone on the floor between her legs. Paul runs behind frank with the knife in his right hand. He holds his right arm high in the air, and his muscles become tense, as he firmly grips the knife. Paul tries to stab frank in the back. Frank see donna's eyes looking at paul running up behind him, so he quickly turns around.

Paul see frank turning around, but he doesn't stop coming. Paul misses his back and stabs him in the left shoulder.

Frank screams in pain and tries to shoot paul, but paul grabs his hand. The gun goes off and a bullet shoots toward the living room. Sarah starts screaming and mark turns over and lie on his back. Paul is kicking frank in the stomach and waist with his right leg. "Let go of the gun," Says Frank. Paul has anger and intensity in his face. Frank and paul are bumping into the kitchen counter, and struggling for the gun. Paul hits frank in the face with his left hand. The knife is still in frank's left shoulder. Frank is a strong man, but the pain of the knife is too much for him to bare, so he loses control of the gun. Paul takes the gun away from frank, and kicks his legs. Frank stumbles a little then he grabs the knife and pulls it out of his left shoulder. Paul holds the gun with both of his hands. Frank screams in pain and starts charging towards paul. Paul points the gun at him and shoots him in the upper right chest. Frank falls to the floor on his knees.

Mark looks at paul with the gun in his hands, and tries to get up from the floor. Paul keeps the gun pointed at frank. He walks to mark and tries to help him get up. Frank stops screaming and picks up the knife, then runs at paul with the knife in his right hand. Paul squeezes the trigger and shoots frank in the head. Frank's head goes back and he drops the knife. Mark is looking at frank with a bullet hole in his forehead. Frank lands on his back as he hits the floor.

Paul helps mark get up from the floor. Frank lie dead on the floor. The knife is inches away from his body, and his blood is all over the floor around him. The female police officer is still on the phone. "Hello," Says the female police officer. "Yes, I need the police to come to the suburbs. A man tried to kill us, and my brother's roommate shot the man that was going to kill us. It was self-defense," Says Susan. Paul is holding mark up with his right arm. Mark is standing up, but his legs are getting weak.

Paul puts the gun on the kitchen counter, and turns the gun's barrel toward the kitchen wall. Sarah tries to give the female police officer the address to paul's house, but donna grabs the phone and slams it on the floor. The phone comes apart in several pieces, and sarah looks at donna like she's a complete idiot. "What the hell are you doing?" Asked Sarah in a loud voice. "I don't want to go to jail. I just want to get the fuck out of here," Says Donna. Donna tries to run out of the kitchen, but sarah grabs her legs and donna falls to the floor. She lands on her hands and knees. Mark loses strength in his legs and starts to fall.

Paul tries to hold him up, but his body is too heavy, and paul is tired from fighting frank. Paul is holding mark's body and he makes sure mark lie on his back. Mark is holding his stomach and his blood is still pouring out. Paul holds mark's head and puts his right hand on his chest. Donna tries to get up, but sarah pushes her body and donna falls on her back. Sarah jumps on top of her and starts hitting her in the face. Paul looks at sarah hitting donna in the face. "Why are you two still fighting?" Asked Paul. Donna hits sarah in the face with her right hand, and pulls sarah's body down to the floor. Paul looks at mark holding the bullet wound in his stomach. Mark's hands are shaking and his face looks tired. "Sarah, your brother is dying!" Says Paul. Donna hits sarah in the belly with her left fist, and gets on top of her. Sarah is trying to push donna of of her, but donna starts hitting her in the face. Paul looks at mark's face and mark looks paul in the eyes.

"Don't die man," Says Paul. "That guy with the bullet in his head is worse than you. I told you somebody who is bigger than you was going to teach you a lesson. The lesson could have killed you, but you're alive and you killed him. I hope you learn from this and change your life," Says Mark.

Mark slowly blinks his eyes, and paul thinks he's about to die. "Paul, call the police!" Says Sarah. "I never wanted my sister to be with a guy like you, but you're all she has now. Save my sister from that bitch. Sarah is a good person, and I want her to be with you," Says Mark.

Mark has a smile on his face. "Thank you," Says Paul. Mark closes his eyes and dies in paul's arms. Sarah and donna are still fighting on the floor. Paul screams out in anger, and drags mark's dead body to the living room. Sarah grabs donna's neck with her left hand, and hits her in the face with her right hand. Donna starts choking and grabs sarah's hand. Sarah lets go of her neck and kicks donna off of her with her legs. Donna hits the cabinets at the bottom of the kitchen. Paul lays mark's head on the living room floor. Sarah starts getting up from the floor, and donna gets up and runs out of the kitchen.

Paul see donna run out of the kitchen, he leaves mark and runs at donna. Donna tries to get to the front door without paul catching her, but he's too fast. Paul grabs donna's body and holds her arms down, so she can't hit him in the face. Sarah steps over frank's dead body and avoids the blood on the kitchen floor. Paul is holding donna's body really tight, and he walks her to the living room. "You're going to jail," Says Paul. "Fuck you motherfucker. Get your hands off me," Says Donna. Sarah steps out of the kitchen and runs to her brother.

Paul walks donna to the small couch, and puts her arms behind her back. Sarah falls down on her knees next to mark's body, and she starts crying. Paul looks at sarah crying next to mark's body. Sarah puts her head on mark's chest, and continues to cry. "Sarah, take my cell phone and call the police," Says Paul. Sarah looks up at paul with tears dripping down her face. Paul throws his cell phone at sarah, and she tries to catch it. The cell phone slips out of her hand and falls to the floor. Sarah picks up the cell phone and calls the police. Donna is moving her shoulders left and right trying to break free of paul's arms. "Are you calling the police?" Asked Paul. "Yes," Says Sarah. Donna is screaming her lungs out and kicking paul's legs with her feet. Paul is not bothered by this, and he has her stomach against the top edge of the small couch. "Burbank Police Station," Says a female police officer on the other end of the cell phone.

"I need help right now!" Says Sarah with a deep pain in her voice. "Are you the same woman in the suburbs that called minutes ago," Says the female police officer. "Yes!" Says Sarah. Sarah gives the police officer the address to the house.

The neighbors outside in the suburbs are talking to each other. They are looking at paul's house and wondering who's shooting a gun. Most of the neighbors run back inside their homes, afraid that somebody will come out of the house with a gun. The police officer tells sarah she's going to send the police. Sarah says, thank you, and hangs up the cell phone. Sarah puts the cell phone on the living room floor and continues crying. "I'm not going to let you go until the police gets here," Says Paul. Donna stops kicking paul and looks at sarah crying next to her dead brother's body. She stops trying to break free of the hold paul has on her, and starts breathing heavy from her mouth.

The Burbank Police Station is not too far from the suburbs, so the police arrive at the house three minutes from the time of the phone call. "I'm sorry about your brother," Says Paul. Sarah looks at paul and slowly shakes her head up and down. "It's not your fault," Says Sarah as she's crying. The police drives up to the house and parks on the left side of donna's car. Sarah gets up and walks to the window next to the front door. She sees two male police officers walking to the house.

Paul turns his head to the right and looks at sarah at the window. Sarah steps to the door and opens it. The police oficers steps to the door and sees sarah crying. "My brother is dead!" Says Sarah. Sarah opens the door for the police officers. One of the police officers ask sarah, where is her brother. "He's in the living room," Says Sarah. The police officers walk in the house and they look at paul holding donna by the small couch. Sarah points at donna.

"That woman came in here and insulted me, then she start attacking me," Says Sarah. "She's telling the truth," Says Paul. "Who are you?" Asked one of the police officers. "I live here. My roommate is lying dead on the floor," Says Paul. "You can let her go. We'll take her," Says one of the police officers. Paul takes his arms off of donna and she tries to run to the bedroom. One of the police officers runs after donna and grabs her. The other police officer ask sarah, who shot her brother, and sarah says, "Frank." The police officer with black hair puts hand cuffs on donna's hand, and brings her back to the living room.

Sarah points at frank's dead body in the kitchen, and the police officer walks to the kitchen and sees frank's dead body with a lot of blood around him. The police officer calls the ambulance. Paul looks at the police officer with black hair holding donna. "Her name is, donna. She attacked my roommate's sister. The guy in the kitchen killed my roommate, and he tried to kill all of us. He lives in these suburbs. Donna was going to go with him. When he came in my house, she kissed him and she did nothing when he had his gun pointed at us. I grabbed his gun away and shot him twice, because he was coming at me with a knife," Says Paul.

"It was self-defense. Paul had to shoot him or he would have killed all of us," Says Sarah. The police officers look at each other. Sarah walks to paul and grabs his left hand with her right hand. The police officer, holding donna, tells the other officer that he's taking her to the car. The other officer agrees, and the police officer with black hair starts walking donna out of the house and to the car.

The neighbors are watching the police officer put donna in the car. The police officer in the house looks at paul and sarah. "Where is the gun?" Asked the police officer. "It's on the kitchen counter," Says Paul. The police officer takes a rubber glove out of his pocket, and puts it on his left hand. He walks in the kitchen and steps over frank's dead body as he picks up the gun.

Sarah is still crying, but not as much as before. Paul puts his left hand around sarah's shoulders. The police officer steps over frank's dead body and walks out of the kitchen. The police officer, with black hair, steps back in the house. The police officer, holding the gun, tells him to stay inside with sarah and paul, while he takes the gun to the car. The police officer walks out of the house with the gun in his left hand. The other police officer walks to the kitchen and sees the knife on the kitchen floor.

He stands by frank's dead body and ask, "Did this man try to use a knife against you?" "No. I used the knife to take the gun away from him," Says Paul. Paul and sarah looks at each other then they look back at the police officer. "Am I going to jail?" Asked Paul. The police officer looks at paul and starts walking to the front door. "We're not taking you two to jail. You haven't done anything illegal. You used the gun and knife in self-defense. We're only taking donna to jail. I just need you to sign some paper work," Says the police officer.

The police officer looks at sarah with a sad look on his face. "I'm sorry about your brother. The ambulance will be here soon," Says the police officer. "Thank you," Says Paul. The police officer walks out of the house, and stands by the door and waits on the other officer. Paul looks at sarah and she looks at him. "Thank you for saving my life," Says Sarah. "You're welcome," Says Paul.

Outside by the door, the police officer walks up to the other officer by the door. "The dead man in the kitchen looks like he's in his late twenties," Says the police officer standing by the door.

"The woman in the car, with the really small shorts, looks like she's in her mid twenties," Says the police officer with the rubber glove on.

In the house, sarah puts her head on paul's left shoulder, and her arms around his body. "Don't leave me, please. Stay in my life. I'm a good person and I don't have a boyfriend," Says Sarah. Paul looks at mark on the floor. "You do have a boyfriend, and he's standing next to you," Says Paul. Sarah takes her head off his shoulder and looks him in the eyes. Paul smiles at sarah and she starts kissing him on the lips. Paul holds her tight with both of his hands. Sarah stops kissing him and puts her head back on his shoulder. "I'll take care of you," Says Paul with a serious look on his face.

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