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Drink.. Drink..
by Malcolm Rivers

The idea here is to compose a haiku featuring our liking for a tipple.
It's a little tongue-in-cheek.

For those of you who may not know - Haikus are 3 liners - of 5, 7 and 5 syllables.

Please raise your glass and join me!

Title: If music be
Author: Malcolm Rivers

If music be food
then what melody be drink
upon lovers lips?

Title: Drink, Drink,
Author: whetr

She is a gorgon temptress,

With only a look to kill,

A touch , to get you stoned.

Title: My Tipple
Author: EJ Cole

My tipple is wine

Though does go straight to my head

Next day I feel dead

Title: And be merry
Author: Malcolm Rivers

God gave us the grapes
and some of us trod on them
Sounds foolish. Tastes good.

Title: Cheers
Author: Mark Anthony Jackson

I'll drink to my health

If health be greater than drink

If not, I'll drink more

Title: wine
Author: Lucy Vandenberg

Necter from the vine

sparkles, seducing a taste

grapes of ecstacy

Title: My Round
Author: Jason Minty

Gin!? Mother's Ruin
Devil's Curse. Give us your glass
Babe. It could be worse.

Title: My poision
Author: Tyna Jackson

No matter the flavor

No matter the proof

I consume all, to be comsumed

Title: Pass the Grogg
Author: Karen Burris

pass the grogg and drink

you will feel merry and gay

until the next day

Title: Remember
Author: Janice Horner

The grapes of sweetness;

drink slowly,slowly,

remember the taste next morn

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