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Source: Adults

Author: Bella Fortuna (R)

Title: "Watch Out, Men! The Witches are Out to Get YOU." Chapter 3.2


Hello again, my cheeries! And a special hello to Carly and Kelly. They have been so patient, you know. But the toads and rainbows have recovered now, Carly and Kelly, so here I am to entertain you with more of my tale.

I do hope you are not worrying too much about what I've said about the Universe. You really mustn't. The Universe knows exactly what it is doing. It has a far superior knowledge compared to anything we have, even Einstein's Relativity. And everything it is concerned with can be summed up in one word: equilibrium.

No, don't be silly; it's not a drug. It's all to do with balance and cycles. Not the cycles you ride on, of course, although you'll need some equilibrium for that. Especially around Parliament Square and up Whitehall. No. These cycles are to do with time and the essence of life. A kind of karma, if you like. Or even if you don't.

For example, you may think if you practice evil that you will get away with it. Indeed, onlookers, as well as you, may be convinced that you have prospered and will continue to do so. That, however, is when you need to be most watchful, most afraid. For the sake of balance, the Universe has to act. And act it will, in it's own good time. You have been warned.

These are difficult times and I am not certain that enjoyment is entirely apt. But the Autumn equinox edges ever closer, is fast approaching. We have no time to waste, and neither did Carmelina.

Mack, as you will remember, had asked Carmelina to go out with him, alone. Even though he had a sweetheart - Sam - already. Not that he told Carmelina that but she knew anyway. Well, she was a sorceress, wasn't she. And, well, he sort of asked. Grunted more than verbalised, actually. But Carmelina was well-tuned-in and she got his drift.

There was no denying his ugliness. It made him perfect witch-fodder. At least his breath smelled sweet, for which Carmelina was extraordinarily thankful. As a witch, she was none too keen on the old garlic of course. But there were some breathly odours far worse than garlic. And not just ugly men were prone to this. Maybe you have a problem, too? Do let me know and I'll send you a potion. Or a spell if it is really noxious. Complete satisfaction is what you expect and what you will get. Your enquiry will receive the confidentiality you would hope for.

Mack took Carmelina to Shad Thames, near Tower Bridge, after work. It was very pleasant to stroll along the banks of London's most famous river, especially when you had a hot babe on your arm. Mack was very pleased with himself; he could see the envious and disbelieving and lustful stares of all the other men. They couldn't help themselves, their eyes were out on stalks. Mack's chest swelled with pride and he wore the largest of grins and, thankfully, not the grey marl tracky bottoms. No, he'd managed a new pair of denims and a black shirt. Surprisingly, he looked respectable for once.

Carmelina knew she had just one opportunity to ensure Sam had lost the game and she had won. She had bathed in Molton Brown's best Heavenly Gingerly (and Mack had to admit she smelled as heavenly as she looked) and she'd used stardust and gold dust for blusher and highlightling. She was quite tall and very slim and she'd decided on a cute little gypsy skirt in white (of course). You know the sort I mean. The type that is so low slung you need a wide belt to hide your modesty and that is so short your modesty has to take a holiday. She wore a white tight cropped top with no bra. Just pert little nipples standing proud. And on this occasion she went for the smallest thong she could find. She had the most beautifully taut buttocks and she wasn't going to waste them, and hide them away. Mack's hand happily squeezed them at regular intervals as they promenaded.

Mack didn't have money for no reason. He earned lots but he wasn't too keen on spending it as Sam could have told anyone. Carmelina was intent on changing that, although she appreciated it would take a spell or two. And a bit of light flirtation with the oglers. She, in between looking adoringly at Mack, did some flirty little smiles to the more beautiful men passing by. Well, of course, there wasn't many of them. There aren't many, anyway, and you're not going to find them all in Shad Thames on the same day.  

Anyway, the strategy worked. Mack, returning from the gents, found a gent trying to persuade Carmelina to join him. She, having sixth sense, knew the exact moment to make sure it looked like she couldn't possibly (or could she)! Mack hurried her away to Piz da Excess and bought her dinner. And spent the rest of the evening telling her he adored her, punctuating his words with surreptitious tweaks of the said nipples. In addition, as if of it's own free will, his hand also found itself stroking those glorious golden limbs in their fancy sandals. Each stroke made him braver and soon she was giggling and playfully blocking the hand from her modesty area. "Wow!" she thought. "Wow!" he thought. Their thoughts were certainly synchronised. 

Mack wanted to spend the night with Carmelina. Carmelina wanted to go for the kill, too, but she knew she had to get Mack to turn his back on Sam first. There was going to be no foreplay or afterplay or anything in between until he did. She wanted him to sign on the dotted line, so she waved her magic wand, sprinkled some diamond dust and agreed to meet him again on Saturday.

They kissed goodnight. Carmelina lost count of the number of penultimate kisses she gave Mack at his request. She let him hold her very tightly. She knew he was caught in the trap she had set.

Well, my cheeries, I'm famished. The World has been under a lot of strain these last days and so have I. Don't worry; I'll be back soon enough and I'll let you know what happened next. Just watch out for golden full moons, especially if you are sitting by the river. Golden full moons are very dangerous, you know. They play havoc with emotions, especially lustful ones. There; Dylan is miaowing. I'm off for now! 




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