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Profile for Bella Fortuna

The power, beauty and sheer magnificence of words struck me at the age of 17 when I was lent a copy of “Narziss and Goldmund” by Hermann Hesse. Art at it’s most sublime!

The Bee Gees’ “Words” describes my feelings so superbly – “Its only words and words are all I have to take your heart away”. 

Me? You want to know about me? 

I was born and live in Southwark, London , England about a couple of miles from Tower Bridge . 

My cat allows me to share his flat in return for some domestic favours. I open and close the window blinds when requested and provide him with treats of organic king prawns, melon and paprika Pringles (I prefer the Hot’n’Spicy version myself). 

We live very close to the River Thames (‘my River’) so, although close friends doubt my sanity, they still find excuses to come and stay. And they are unbelievably nice! They bring me treats of little notebooks, and pencils, and pretty stickers.


A selection of works by Bella Fortuna

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Ref Title Author
Po-4795 “Ode t’Brian and Sheffield Friends” Bella Fortuna
LB-4125 "A Warp in Time" Bella Fortuna
Po-3549 Observations (1) “WHY ARE YOU SO UGLY?” Bella Fortuna
LB-4054 “I’m In the Mood for Love…” Bella Fortuna
Po-3431 "Interpretation of Dreams 1" Bella Fortuna
LB-4747 “Messages From Aurora” Bella Fortuna
LB-4794 “Chicken Soup” Bella Fortuna
SS-3548 “MRS JONES’S CHRISTMAS” Bella Fortuna
SS-3818 “Blue Iris” Bella Fortuna
Po-3970 “Septimus Dymond is Dead” Bella Fortuna
LB-4769 “The One” Bella Fortuna
Po-4815 Observations 7 “Every Day Man” Bella Fortuna
Po-3263 "Did You Choose the Sunset?" Bella Fortuna
LB-4109 “The Accountant” Bella Fortuna
Po-7165 “Caffé V, South Bank” Bella Fortuna
SS-5390 “Dylan’s Fam-Zine: Issue Spring 2008” - Read Me Now Bella Fortuna
FC-6365 “THE WITCH REPORT: Adventures of Carmelina” - First Chapter Bella Fortuna
Po-4096 “Yaboo” Bella Fortuna
LB-4190 "Different World" Bella Fortuna
Po-6258 “Blood of The Innocents” Bella Fortuna
LB-4424 “Love is the Colour of Summer” Bella Fortuna
Po-6845 Is it Love? Bella Fortuna
Po-7080 “Love in a book…” Bella Fortuna
LB-4212 “Mr Molilino” Bella Fortuna
Po-5681 “Sophia's Wisdom” Bella Fortuna

keyThe prefixes, in the references above, indicate the category. e.g. F = features, M = memorials,
Po = poetry, P = plots (i.e. sound-bites of current plots), WW = words of wisdom,  etc.

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