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Hugh Hazelton

Profile for Hugh Hazelton

Hugh Hazelton was born in the County of Middlesex in May 1953, grew up in Brighton, and has lived for the past 40 years in various locations within the County of Norfolk - the last 27 of them in rural North Norfolk. 

Is tall, slender, and has suffered increasingly severe hearing impairment since his early thirties.  Has worked variously in precision engineering, local government, and retail management.  Since 1999 has been fully occupied in the antique trade, specializing as far as is practicle in antiquarian horology, brown furniture, cartographic prints, and particularly specialist numismatic items.  Has been married to Nicky - an industrial chemist originally from Kent - for 28 years with one lovely daughter, Jennifer (Jen) born 1992 and who commences university - Cardiff to read History and French - in October 2011. In the past Jen has been a sometime publishing member of Writebuzz in her own right.

When a lot younger Hugh was a very keen long distance walker, back packer and climber (and met future wife that way when she was only 15!) and has covered most of Great Britain's mountains and long distance paths on own two feet.  A useful track athlete in his youth - distance runner - Hugh additionally regularly ran marathons in the early/mid 1980's averaging around 3 hours 50 mins.  Was also in times past an enthusiastic motor-cyclist, cracking the ton once only on a 1951 Vincent Rapide in June 1974.   More sedate late middle aged interests include long time membership of a gloriously 'English eccentric' pantomime production company operating annually out of a truly ramshackle old hall (a former village hall - see DL 7533, Jan. 2011) in a small north Norfolk village, writing occasionally for historic vehicle publications, contemporary French films (thanks to daughter!) and trying to get a piece of fiction writing - any piece! - published in print ...!

On Writebuzz enjoys short story writing - particularly involving unusual or unlikely relationships - but has also tried his hand at science fiction, dark and light fantasy, tales of the unexpected, and intentionally old fashioned 'ripping yarns' as well as a few  journalistic efforts plus a little autobiograhical stuff.   Is intrigued by the concept of 'cross-gendre' in fiction writing, and thus often attempts to create stories which fall into two or more categories, and then frequently puts them into an historical setting. 

Also on Writebuzz believes in constuctively reviewing the work of others, and truly wishes more would do the same.  Is also a strong advocate of courteous and considerate on-line conduct at all times.  

Been in Writebuzz for six years now, so reckons it must have something going for it ...   


A selection of works by Hugh Hazelton

Sample of work from New Sample See new sample

Ref Title Author
SS-7067 Indefinitely Postponed (A Ripping Yarn!) Part I Hugh Hazelton
LO-7691 Binkie's Blockage - or 'What the Policeman Never Saw!' Hugh Hazelton
SS-7170 Two of Swords Hugh Hazelton
Jo-6306 Joseph Fritzl, Austria, and the Ghosts of Nazis Past Hugh Hazelton
DL-1855 Another Night Hugh Hazelton
SS-4250 A Journey With Myself Hugh Hazelton
DL-7777 Results Day Hugh Hazelton
SS-7479 Tom's Angel (Part 2) Hugh Hazelton
SS-4428 The Hand of Glory Hugh Hazelton
LB-4115 Green Eyes Hugh Hazelton
LB-4263 Slave to Fortune Hugh Hazelton
WW-7507 Beyond the Emptiness of the Final Full Stop ... Hugh Hazelton
SS-7745 The Green Gorilla. Hugh Hazelton
LB-4366 An Anonymous Couple Hugh Hazelton
FC-6270 AMENDED SYNOPSIS FOR: Irregular Heartbeats. Hugh Hazelton
SS-5451 An Afternoon with Tonda. Part II. Hugh Hazelton
SS-3650 Angel Tamer. Part II. Hugh Hazelton
MB-7816 A White Carnation for the Bishop of Thetford - Hallelujah! Hugh Hazelton
DL-7533 Will the Show Go On? Hugh Hazelton
SS-7726 Beneath the Surface in Great Flyedale. (Part 1) Hugh Hazelton
LB-4169 The Princess of Yemen Hugh Hazelton
DL-7844 The Art of Coarse Pantomiming Hugh Hazelton
SS-6058 "Seasonal Greetings from Planet Aeralia!" Hugh Hazelton
SS-7441 After Sam Hugh Hazelton
SS-5402 The Invitation Hugh Hazelton

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Po = poetry, P = plots (i.e. sound-bites of current plots), WW = words of wisdom,  etc.

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