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Roger Marris

Profile for Roger Marris

With no warning of impending poor health, at the end of 2004, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of incurable NHL that has no known cause - Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (one of many illnesses grouped under the general term – cancer; Lymphoma is known as lymphatic cancer). 
To improve the chances of people in the future, who find themselves in a similar position, I am trying  to raise £10,000+  to be split between:

· The Leukaemia Research Foundation (which researches causes and future treatments for the blood cancers - Leukaemia, Hodgkins and Non- Hodgkins Lymphomas and Myeloma).


· The Anthony Nolan Trust (which saves lives in the UK & around the world by registering stem cell donors and matching them by working through other similar overseas organisations to individuals here and elsewhere suffering from blood cancers).

Please see my website www.AroundWithRog.co.uk to find out more! Thanks!


A selection of works by Roger Marris

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Ref Title Author
WW-4645 Just one treacle tart... Roger Marris
DL-4853 AroundWithRog - Scotland - Loch Lomond Roger Marris
DL-3602 ARoundWithRog - name it, market it, sell it Roger Marris
Po-4649 Star Gazing Roger Marris
Jo-5568 Murray's glass ceiling (or is it brick wall?) - Rafael Nadal. Roger Marris
Po-4646 Pressure Roger Marris
DL-3461 ARoundWithRog - the idea Roger Marris
Jo-5565 Andy Murray creates Wimbledon 'mayHenmania' Roger Marris
DL-4494 ARoundWithRog - Northern Ireland Roger Marris
DL-3839 ARoundWithRog - the hitch Roger Marris
DL-4456 ARoundWithRog - Home to Wales & Northern Ireland Roger Marris
Po-4647 That's no Bloody Good Roger Marris
DL-3375 ARoundWithRog Roger Marris
DL-3382 Funtastic Fun. . . . . . draising (1988) Roger Marris
WW-5864 Rain Roger Marris
DL-4124 ARoundWithRog - Get fit for it Roger Marris
DL-3462 ARoundWithRog - lets get started Roger Marris
WW-4644 Double Trouble Roger Marris
DL-3372 Fantastic Fun. . . . . .draising (1985) Roger Marris
DL-3601 ARoundWithRog - developing the plan Roger Marris
WW-4648 The Power of Silence! Roger Marris
DL-4565 AroundWithRog - Turnberry, Scotland Roger Marris

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