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carl smith

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Been here a while now had some good reviews seen some cracking work, some of it so good it makes me want to give up, then I think  I'm not dead yet a and that's what I write for so people can read it.  The reviewers are real people like myself, which always gives me a down to earth honest opinion on my work without anylising every aspect that has nothing to do with it.

I like to get direct to the point so I don't dilly dally and I usually inject some humour and realism thats my kind of poem, oh yeh and they usually rhyme as well. 

 Some may be close to the bone sometimes, though ive come accross some crazy situations in this mad bad world.  It's the only way I can stay sane by offloading my rants on the lovely white space of wordpad or word or whatever is nice clean and white ready to be recieve my feelings and it never talks back.  There are some personal ones although you'll have to work them out for yourself and yes I have changed a lot over the years from the idiot I used to be, though I can still be a idiot sometimes.

Anyway I've rattled on long enough and I always hate writing about myself and I got jump the fence the bailiffs are coming.

Best Wishes to all



A selection of works by carl smith

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Ref Title Author
Po-4704 I'm a poet and I no it carl smith
SS-3998 Fit To Shovel carl smith
Po-4172 We all lie to ourselves carl smith
Po-4200 Very Nearly Me carl smith
LB-4374 smile carl smith
Po-4417 Junk Mail carl smith
Po-3533 it isnt not me carl smith
Po-4767 Please Don't delete me carl smith
SS-4042 Smelly Man Still At Large carl smith
SS-3688 The Body Swerve carl smith
LB-4364 Star in my eyes carl smith
Po-3920 Pick And Mix carl smith
Po-3699 When I Was selling Big Issues carl smith
Po-3978 Sydney Make The Tea carl smith
SS-3622 Left To Chance carl smith
Po-4753 weve made it at last carl smith

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