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Stuart Johnson

Profile for Stuart Johnson


Well this should be fun! I'm rejoining for 2012 at least, having previously been a member some years back.

Always enjoyed being a part of the Writebuzz community, but life took a difficult turn for me a few years ago - I lost a little coherence up in the old bonce for a while, and there were just too many negative, jumbled thoughts up there for me to be making any sense on a writing site.... ( some might say I didn't make much sense anyway but hey-ho! )

The happier times are back again, and life is now better than ever. I've no idea yet where this new stint with Writebuzz will lead me, or whether I'll be able to get back into this writing malarky. Guess I'll just take it gently and see what happens and hope I can justify the subscription fee to my bank manager!

I certainly look forward to reading some work from others on here. Thank you in advance if you take the time out to read some of my work, even more so if you choose to review it - but please be honest, as I need to know whether it was worth me getting back into this. If it was rubbish, please tell me it's rubbish... don't worry, I can take it, haha! Equally, I will try to give some honest feedback to others where I feel I am fit to - so if I like what you have written, ( as I so often do when reading other stuff on here ), I will say so. No point in being critical for the sake of being critical, is what I say!

Best wishes!


A selection of works by Stuart Johnson

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Ref Title Author
Po-4306 HomeOfficeDotGovDotUk Stuart Johnson
Po-3396 Another Stroke of Crime-combating Genius Stuart Johnson
LB-4385 Mister Seventh Time Lucky Stuart Johnson
FC-5051 Archivakte - First Chapter Stuart Johnson
Po-5440 A Cow Trapped in a Man's Body Stuart Johnson
SS-3343 Earth Minus Jeans Equals Slacks ( the 6th silly bit ) Stuart Johnson
SS-4154 Thanks DFS for pointing out the obvious. Stuart Johnson
SS-3811 Earth Minus Jeans...( Lenny, Part 1 ) Stuart Johnson
Po-3112 An interlude between pieces Stuart Johnson
SS-3336 Earth Minus Jeans Equals Slacks ( the 5th silly bit ) Stuart Johnson
SS-3303 Earth Minus Jeans Equals Slacks ( the 2nd silly bit ) Stuart Johnson
LB-4180 The Night The Arrows Flew No More Stuart Johnson
SS-4391 Archivakte #1 Stuart Johnson
LB-4780 False Teethmarks Stuart Johnson
M-4371 Morning Theft - A Tribute to Jeff Buckley Stuart Johnson
Po-3118 " There you go daarrling, be lucky " Stuart Johnson
SS-3751 All So Deplorable ( Part 2 ) Stuart Johnson
Po-4140 If You Suspect It, Report It Stuart Johnson
SS-3863 Earth Minus Jeans... ( Lenny, Part 4 ) Stuart Johnson
SS-4641 " Please drink responsibly... " Stuart Johnson
Po-5030 The Phantom Tube Station Busker Stuart Johnson
Po-5175 The Girl With The Silver Bowl Stuart Johnson
Po-3190 Billy and his placard mix-up Stuart Johnson
DL-4779 We Are Unable To Connect You Stuart Johnson
Po-7931 Fascinating Football Player Interview Stuart Johnson

keyThe prefixes, in the references above, indicate the category. e.g. F = features, M = memorials,
Po = poetry, P = plots (i.e. sound-bites of current plots), WW = words of wisdom,  etc.

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