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jonny graham

Profile for jonny graham

I am still existing in Ashford, Kent. In a house full of itinerant lodgers, freeloaders, lost souls, and my dog and owl. The roof leaks, the windows rattle, the Jap girls are sure it's haunted, and I can never get in the flaming bathroom.
I still go for long all day walks on Romney marsh, much to my dogs chagrin. I like to watch the trains at night, going in and out the station across the road, lots of lovely electrical sparks.
Still struggling with a lifetime of autism, although I haven't been knocked over when crossing the road for a long time now, so things are looking up.
Still doing public readings in Kent and London, still writing, still managing to pay the bills and hold it all together.
Still very interested in sleep deprivation. Strange and profound things start to happen when you pass the 120 hour mark, believe me.
I enjoy the interaction and participation on this site, there are some good writers on here.
Thank you all for your time. 


A selection of works by jonny graham

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Ref Title Author
DL-3576 The Whooping Cough Got A Grip On Me . jon graham
Po-4964 Maybe it's Maybelline ... jonny graham
Po-7250 Seduction Shakedown. jonny graham
Po-6205 Ulex. jonny graham
Po-6352 Oxymoronic. jonny graham
SS-5552 Kyoto was a gas ( part three ) . jonny graham
Po-7087 Asperger's Monologue. jonny graham
Po-7283 Anarchist's Supermarket. jonny graham
Po-5144 I Never Knew a Woman Called Cowardice . jonny graham
Po-7577 Welcome to the New Church. jonny graham
Po-4148 I'm Straight Jack ... Honest . jonny graham
Po-5177 Suicide Sect . jonny graham
Po-5422 God is Coming . jonny graham
Po-6908 Lie down on the couch...tell me about your childhood. jonny graham
Po-7447 When Jackie Wilson sang. jonny graham
Po-7888 The Death of Capitalism. jonny graham
Po-5602 My Billy boy . jonny graham
Po-5994 In the shadow of Venus . jonny graham
Po-7235 Aqua-Forte. jonny graham
Po-4949 Something about a Satellite . jonny graham
Po-6484 Research Facility. jonny graham
Po-7627 Size Isn't Everything. jonny graham
Po-7725 The kid from another time. jonny graham
Po-7774 Disorder This. jonny graham
Po-7023 The acute exhaustion of silence. jonny graham

keyThe prefixes, in the references above, indicate the category. e.g. F = features, M = memorials,
Po = poetry, P = plots (i.e. sound-bites of current plots), WW = words of wisdom,  etc.

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