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Profile for Isabella Thornston

I am Isabella Thornston, at least I write by that name.  I have a creative side and a desire for expression.  I enjoy reading and finding the story within what I call a good read.  Forever searching I read alot of material.  I write as well, a little you might say, however have enjoyed most of what I've written and read.  I find there are only a few that truly move me and I love to be moved.  Write on Writebuzz members!  Review each other please! The feedback keeps me going.


A selection of works by Isabella Thornston

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Ref Title Author
Po-6728 No Sleep Karen Burris
Po-6785 My Words Fayla Call
Po-7336 The Wall Isabella Thornston
Po-6792 The Deer Karen Burris
DL-6899 A day in the life.. Isabella Thornston
Po-7056 Survey Isabella Thornston
Po-6791 The Dove Karen Burris
Po-6669 The Beginning Karen Burris
Po-7177 Hello Blank Canvass Isabella Thornston
Po-7327 A lonely vase Isabella Thornston
Po-6790 Humming Birds Karen Burris
Po-6883 Shot Down Isabella Thornston
Po-6711 Sybil and Potatoe Joe Karen Burris
Po-6854 Slumbers Keep Karen Burris
Po-7319 Starved Lover Isabella Thornston
Po-6789 Stanely Karen Burris
Po-6975 RIP D Isabella Thornston
Po-7161 On my knees Isabella Thornston
DL-7311 Gone Isabella Thornston
Po-6888 The Ride Isabella Thornston
SS-7024 The Story Isabella Thornston
Po-7030 Manage This Isabella Thornston
Po-7001 A Trip to the Doctors Office Isabella Thornston
Po-7029 Could there be anything left of me? Isabella Thornston

keyThe prefixes, in the references above, indicate the category. e.g. F = features, M = memorials,
Po = poetry, P = plots (i.e. sound-bites of current plots), WW = words of wisdom,  etc.

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