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Becca Davis

Profile for Becca Davis

The Contradiction of me 

I'm a materialistic spiritualist,
who's an argumentative pacifist
an optimistic realist,
who's a genuine real life fantasist.  


Very suspicious! Yet unprejudiced,
Non-religious, but not an atheist.
I'll sit on the fence as an activist
and be a care free laid back moralist.  


I'm a true story writing fictionist,
a fall off the wagon reformist.
An experimental perfectionist,
I'm predictability with a twist 

I think that says it all...



A selection of works by Becca Davis

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Ref Title Author
Po-5157 Energise BeccaD
Po-4784 Come on home BeccaD
Po-5048 Ignorance is bliss BeccaD
Po-4723 We're watching! BeccaD
Po-4242 Paranoid? BeccaD
Po-5215 Innocence BeccaD
Po-3159 He's Just a boy BeccaD
Po-3603 Therapy Session BeccaD
LB-4624 Don't go and change BeccaD
Po-4720 A Vigilante Mind Game BeccaD
Po-4768 The Show Must Go On BeccaD
Po-3662 Lost in a dream BeccaD
Po-4792 The greener side of the grass BeccaD
Po-3241 Bully BeccaD
Po-4407 Memory BeccaD
LB-4587 To love you is to let you go BeccaD
Po-3949 I am Fear BeccaD
Po-4898 A mind of your own BeccaD
Po-3383 The Ten Steps to Motivation BeccaD
Po-4621 Please hold BeccaD
Po-4572 The Contradiction of me BeccaD
Po-4620 Nagging BeccaD
Po-4800 Parent's worry BeccaD
Po-3633 Betrayal of Trust BeccaD
Po-4438 Baby and I BeccaD

keyThe prefixes, in the references above, indicate the category. e.g. F = features, M = memorials,
Po = poetry, P = plots (i.e. sound-bites of current plots), WW = words of wisdom,  etc.

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