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Profile for Jason Minty

Working guy - Creative Design - struggles with the creative part.
Black eyes, scrambled head; tries to find time to write and woo the gals.  Fails miserably instead.

Into music. Into Arts.  Still splashing out on my dosh to be here but it kinda feels like an investment and my mother says I could do worse. Fame will find me one day.

A selection of works by Jason Minty

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Ref Title Author
Po-2783 Game On Jason Minty
Po-2723 Oh Morose Me Jason Minty
Po-2603 Nuptial Surprise Jason Minty
Po-4813 Waiting Game Jason Minty
Po-3618 Heavy Heart Jason Minty
L-7194 Muffin Compares With You Jason Minty
Po-6743 Sand Scene Jason Minty
Po-7276 I.♥.M. Jason Minty
Sa-7487 Your Starter for Eleven Jason Minty
Po-5499 Chillin Time Jason Minty
Po-6976 Confession Time Jason Minty
Po-7107 Sheepish Tiger Woods Jason Minty
Po-2487 Tick Tock Jason Minty
Po-2658 Wet Letter Day Jason Minty
LB-4095 Heavy Heart Jason Minty
Po-6154 Ovahurd n'Barnsley! Jason Minty
Po-7451 Sister's Sledge Jason Minty
Po-6809 False Encounter Jason Minty
Po-6347 Easter Chics Jason Minty
Po-965 The Smoke is on You Jason Minty
Po-7142 Designer Thinking Jason Minty
Po-6882 Do Do Ron Ron Jason Minty
Po-7113 Gurning Curling Jason Minty
Po-6169 Work Experience Jason Minty
Po-2182 Witch Bitch Jason Minty

keyThe prefixes, in the references above, indicate the category. e.g. F = features, M = memorials,
Po = poetry, P = plots (i.e. sound-bites of current plots), WW = words of wisdom,  etc.

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