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joan crawford

Profile for joan crawford

Live in South Cheshire, married with a son and a daughter, both now grown up

Love English literature, art & all kinds of music, especially classical.  Have a very large cd collection ranging from jazz to big band to classical, oh and I love 60`s stuff.

Enjoy writing poetry of all kinds particularly humourous ones about acquaintances, some true, some not.




A selection of works by joan crawford

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Ref Title Author
DL-7381 A Request To My Auto Dealer Joan Crawford
Po-7664 Nantwich joan crawford
Po-7939 The Posty with the Mosty joan crawford
Po-7397 The Garden At Number Ten joan crawford
Po-7429 The Reign of Wackford Squeers joan crawford
Po-7704 Away With The Fairies joan crawford
DL-7433 The Yellow Car joan crawford
Po-7756 Short Changed joan crawford
WW-7509 Hi-Lo joan crawford
MB-7792 Curtains for Carmen joan crawford
L-7537 Celebrity joan crawford
Po-7541 Diva + Superb joan crawford
SS-7832 Family Funeral 3 joan crawford
Po-7565 The Episode on Tarbuck Road joan crawford
Po-7569 Wandering joan crawford
Po-7597 Flu Review joan crawford
Po-7912 An Old Legal Valentine joan crawford
Po-7645 Pigeons? Doves? Peace? joan crawford
Po-7378 He Who Laughs Last joan crawford
CB-7924 Musical Chaairs joan crawford
Po-7386 Last Jiune & The Vuvuzelas joan crawford
Po-7661 Full Steam Ahead joan crawford
Po-7940 Head Over Heels joan crawford
Po-7673 Miss Ab` Fab` joan crawford
Po-7677 Salt City Inns joan crawford

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